How are Diamonds Made for Jewellery?

When you take a look at a polished diamond, you’ll see that it looks nothing like what comes out of the ground. Diamonds start out as ugly pieces of glass that are embedded in huge rock formations. They are made up entirely of carbon and diamonds are also known for being the hardest, most natural element in the world.

When you combine carbon with an insane amount of pressure, you end up with diamond. If you think that diamonds are constructed through this formula alone however, then you are sadly mistaken, a diamond can take between a billion and 3 billion years to actually be created. Raw carbon has to be subjected to an enormous amount of pressure during this time and this happens around 120 miles below the surface of the earth. Volcanic eruptions then bring the diamond up to a level where we can access them, which is around a mile deep.

Of course, diamonds do depend on the rock structure and mining them is very dangerous. It may take years for a diamond to be mineable and there needs to be a lot of work done before the finished product can be made as well. A rough diamond has both top and bottom points, with a very broad middle. It is also square when you view it from above, and this is why some cuts are considered to be better than others. The cutter needs to focus on the yield that they can get from each stone, and this is usually around 60%. The idea is the rounder the diamond is, the less you will get from it. Diamonds are also polished by using another diamond, and it takes a lot of skill and expertise to be able to create something so spectacular. That is one of the many reasons why diamonds are so prized to this day!

7th Apr 2018

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