Gold, Silver or Rose Gold? Which is Right for You

If you want to buy some jewellery but you aren’t quite sure which one to go for or even which one is right for you then there are a couple of things that you can do about this. This guide should help you to find out everything you need to know!

White Gold

White gold is actually an alloy and it is a mixture of pure gold and even white metal. This can include silver, nickel and even palladium as well. It often has a rhodium coating. The main benefit of white gold is that it is much more affordable when compared to platinum and it is way more popular when compared to yellow gold as well. It is more scratch resistant and it compliments rosy skin tones very well. The only problem with white gold is that it needs to be dipped on a regular basis and it may even cause an allergic reaction if you have sensitivity to nickel.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is gold that is blended with copper and even zinc as well. If something is 24 Karat then this means that it is 99.9% pure and if you had one that is 14 Karat then this means that it is 58.3% pure. A higher Karat really does mean that you have a far purer gold but this does mean that your gold is far less durable. 14K or 18K is usually used to mount engagement rings and even wedding rings as well. The pros of having yellow gold is that it is the purest out of all the golds that are available and it is also the most malleable as well.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is pure gold that is partnered with copper. The more copper is added, the more rose the colour will appear. It comes with all the benefits of yellow gold in most cases.

15th Apr 2018

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