Choosing the Right Piece of Jewelry for Your Child

There is nothing more adorable than dressing up your daughter and yourself in matching outfits, including jewelry, and then sharing those pictures with your friends on social media. How should you react though when your child starts wanting to wear jewelry as a way to make a fashion statement to places like play dates, school or church? Is it something you should allow? How young is too young? What type of jewelry should you let them wear? When it comes to children and jewelry, here are some things you should know.

Costume Jewelry

When a child starts to express interest in jewelry many parents start off with getting them costume jewelry. This makes sense when you first think about it, as kids are known for losing things, being energetic, roughhousing...and doing all the things that you don’t want to do if you are worried about losing something as small as an earring, necklace or bracelet. The problem is that costume jewelry has been known to contain things like lead, which is a harmful substance and if it comes into contact with the body it can affect the immune system, metabolism, and DNA. Costume jewelry is also often made using nickel, which is the most common allergen. To avoid running into any problems caused from cheap costume jewelry try to find pieces that are affordable and made from cheaper pure metals such a stainless steel or silver. You can find pieces of jewelry made for children at an affordable price point, while still protecting their health.

Appropriate Times for Jewelry

When buying jewelry for your children, you need to be very careful about what types of jewelry they are allowed to wear and where that jewelry is worn. For example, if your children are going on a playdate with a friend to the park, they should not be wearing any jewelry. This is because a necklace could get caught on a slide, or a bracelet could scratch them while they are going across the monkey bars. Even a small earing like a birthstone could get caught on something while they are playing and cause the earlobe to rip. However, if you are going out to a family meal, to the movies, or any other kind of event where there won’t be much rowdiness for a child to participate in, then allowing them to wear a piece of jewelry should be completely fine.

Create Memories

When allowing a child to start wearing jewelry, this is a great opportunity for you to make some special memories with them. Children will always remember their first piece of jewelry. This would be a great time for you to buy you and your child matching necklaces or bracelets, perhaps with each of your birthstones, which can be found in children's sterling silver jewelry mother and daughter sets. It would also be a great opportunity to give them a charm bracelet. This would allow you to gift them with a new charm every year on their birthday, or when special events happen. When you add some extra love to a gift, such as a charm for a charm bracelet, it will always increase the sentimental value, which also means they are more likely to take better care of it.

25th Feb 2018

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